A Brooklyn Love Story

Written & Performed by Chiara Montalto, “A Brooklyn Love Story” first came out of the NYC indie festival scene. The play itself is based on the ten years I spent living in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn with my maternal grandfather. It is an unexpected story of friendship and love between a grandfather and granddaughter. It’s also a love story about a neighborhood that no longer exists in the same way but remains beloved in the hearts of many, Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Though the story is an Italian-American one, it has universal apeal. Anyone who has loved and lost will love the story of Pop and his beloved Sweetheart.

Originally called “Emergency Used Candles,” it was initially presented as a part of Barefoot Theatre’s “70/70 Horovitz Festival” at the Kraine Theatre in the East Village. It was subsequently a sell-out at Emerging Artists One-Woman Standing Festival, before being produced at the historic and famed Cherry Lane Theatre in New York City and in Los Angeles at Theatre 68.

“A Brooklyn Love Story,” has been a critical and commercial success on both coasts, featured extensively in the press and is currently being adapted into a feature film.

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